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IT Support

Have a Problem? At PC Remote we have years of experience in fixing a very wide range of problems whether they are software or hardware issues. Using this experience and our remote assistance software we can assist you with whatever problem you have over the internet by using a secure connection.
We offer our remote support service from £96 an hour.
We have over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. We can solve problems no matter how big or small they are, from installing hardware like CCTV, Media servers, Web servers, File servers, Printers and SIP Devices for voice over IP, to installing software programmes like Virtual PC Machine which supports multiple OS environments which co-exist on the same computer, to removing programmes and viruses that have infected your computer.

Using our remote software we can quickly and securely connect to your computer allowing us to begin addressing your problem within minutes. The remote connection can be terminated by you at any time to deny access, the software is not installed on your PC and you have full control over the connection. Once you have closed our software we can no longer connect to your PC.

We also offer other services such as hardware repair and a secure backup service. Details of all our services and products can be found on our services page.
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Our Qualifications

BSc Engineering

Web Design
ADOBE Photoshop CS4 ACE
ADOBE Illustrator CS4 ACE

Our Professional Experience

Over 30 years of experience in fields
such as:

System Engineering
Embedded Design
Software Testing
CCTV Security video recording systems

Our CCTV DVR or IP video recording provides you with an easy to use web interface and video recording solution. Gain peace of mind with CCTV or IP standalone systems, or installed into your existing LAN network